Fabri fibra vs fedez

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fabri fibra vs fedez

TUTTI I DISSING/FRECCIATINE A FABRI FIBRA!(Vacca,Fedez, Mezzosangue,Gemelli Diversi,Marracash ecc..)

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Questa la tracklist ufficiale: "Business" "Bravo ragazzo" "Il drink e la jolla" feat. Fabri Fibra "Uno come me" "Indelebile" feat. Fedez "Sul tetto del mondo" feat. Emis Killa "Scappati di casa" "Tornare indietro" feat. Arlissa "Brivido" feat.

Italian hip hop started in the s. The European Music Office 's report on Music in Europe claimed that, in general, hip hop from the south of Italy tends to be harder than that from the north. In the early s, hip hop spread to Italy through Posse cuts , which were popular in centri sociali , alternative centers where several left-wing young people regularly met, and where the extremely influential Italian hardcore punk scene was flourishing, from which the Italian Posse Cut movement inherited its social conscious. The first star to emerge from this scene was Jovanotti , who would rap in otherwise standard Italian pop. In the Posse Cut movement produced its first underground rap in the Italian language, with tracks such as Stop al Panico by Isola Posse All Star , a track against murders and violence in the streets. Articolo 31 , who started out as a mainly East Coast rap inspired hip hop duo, rapped in two commercials for big companies such as Fiat and Big Bubble in

J-AX & Fedez

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Fabri Fibra - Bugiardo [by david_92]

Caparezza is an Italian rapper from Apulia, well known for creating music which blends many different styles. His songs criticize society and politics with sharp irony, using metaphors and references to mass media and advertising. They sometimes require a high level of knowledge to fully appreciate them. His music reflects his career, offering flashbacks to the 90s whilst incorporating international styles. Not a social media lover, the rapper created his own project, Down with Bassi , to spread his music without having to use the classic platforms.





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