Combi screen 10 sl plus

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Combi Screen 10sl Instructions On How To Play

combi screen 10 sl plus

Furthermore, they are often used to monitor the success of a prescribed therapy or to CombiScreen® PLUS urine test strips are equipped with an 10SL Plus.

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False-negative results might be indicated if the used urine test strips are not equipped with an efficient protection. Subsequently, ascorbic acid protection contributes to drastically reduce. The new Demonstration Kit was developed to prove the. A broad panel of high quality strips is characterized by Sophisticated ascorbic acid protection on the glucose and blood pad Clear results due to distinct color changes in the clinically relevant area Detection of all parameters after one point in time Easy handling and clear reading of the result Ascorbic acid Vitamin C is being ingested through food and nutritional supplements and passed unaltered in the urine. For this reason a high percentage of the population shows a clearly increased ascorbic acid l evel in the urine. Depending on the percentage of ascorbic acid, lowered or even false negative results on the blood and glucose pad may occur.

In line with the national recommendations, Croatian medical laboratories report urine test strip qualitative analysis results using a categorized scale with defined number of categories. Since concentration ranges for measured analytes have not been provided by national professional authority, it is up to the laboratories to define their own categories. The aim of study was to assess the comparability of concentrations assigned to different categories used in reporting the results of dipstick urinalysis in Croatian laboratories. They were asked to provide the number of categories and respective concentrations for each parameter. Data were described as numbers and percentages.

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