Passiflora edulis black knight

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passiflora edulis black knight

Passiflora edulis - Passion Fruit in SW Florida!

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Passiflora Purple Tiger. Click here for printable pdf version. Fragrant flowers have white petals, long frilly purple filaments. Plants will resprout from temp's as low as 20F. Especially hardy and vigorous form of P. Flowers have white and purple crown with white centers.

Black Knight Passion Fruit is the ideal passion fruit vine for the home gardener or for any of you northerners wanting to grow passion fruit vines in containers. As a naturally dwarf hybrid Black Knight that stays relatively compact for a Passiflora. It will still grow quite large and fill a large sunny window or the vertical space in a greenhouse quite quickly. Leaves are a beautiful glossy green and make a beautiful backdrop to the stunning passion flowers that give way to deep purple egg shaped fruits. Fruits of Black Knight are particularly tasty with a spicy sour zing to balance out the sweetness.

Anyone growing 'Black Knight'? I have one that I got from Raintree Nursery last year, and it has produced exactly one flower in two seasons now. I suspect it is not the real 'Black Knight', but a seedling. Raintree is the only online nursery I know of that sells it, but I don't trust them now. There are a number of nurseries in California that do sell the real 'Black Knight', but none do mail order. I'm hoping that someone on here has the real BK from one of these nurseries, and can send me cuttings. Another option would be for someone to buy one from one of these nurseries and send it to me.

This superlative genus offers more than species, most native to tropical America. Maypop, P. S along with a few other species. Every aspect of these vines will knock your socks off, from their Daliesque flowers to their singular fruit. Plant a passion vine and head for cover before you are lost in an evocation of its steamy, lush jungle origin. To 20 feet or more in one season under optimal conditions, with flowering spring through fall.

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Passion Fruit (New To Me In The Garden) Passiflora edulis




Passiflora edulis and Passiflora Ligularis (purple and yellow passionfruit)

Passiflora Edulis



Black Knight Passion Fruit is the ideal passion fruit vine for the home gardener or for growing in cotainers for Latin Name: Passiflora edulis 'Black Knight'.
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  1. This is the species whose deliciously fragrant pulp is used to flavor tropical fruit juice, syrups and confections.

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