Igbt gate driver schematic diagram

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US6275093B1 - IGBT gate drive circuit with short circuit protection - Google Patents

igbt gate driver schematic diagram

performance gate drive circuits for high speed switching applications. It is an IGBT Gate Drivers product page. Several .. representation might be difficult.

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This approach enables designers to optimize dynamic switching performance and accuracy, delivering design flexibility and reducing time-to-market for applications with IGBT modules ranging from A to A and V to V. In combination with a magnetic coupling a wide range of voltages can be archived. Pre-driver stages are primarily designed to assure optimum performance for direct driving of external n-type DMOS elements by using separate gate resistors for independent control of turn-on and turn-off. A micrograph of a prototype gate driver ASIC is shown in the above figure. Various bonding elements are used to control the specific functionality of different standard products including options for bidirectional-signal-transformer and fiber-optic interfaces.

Switching using IGBTs is common in motor drive and power inverter applications. The drive electronics need to control current flow ranging from tens of amps to hundreds of amps depending on the size of the motor or power system. Building various drive control cards would be inefficient and wastes design resources. A motor drive system that can be easily scaled to accommodate different size motors while remaining reliable and safe is a much better scenario. We will show how a gate drive optocoupler with MOSFET buffer driving capability, optical isolation, and integrated safety features addresses the needs of motor drive and inverter systems. This concept maximizes gate drive design scalability for motor control and power conversion applications ranging from low to high power ratings.

Driving And Protecting IGBTs In Inverter Applications

You have the transistor in your hand. It will be shown that due to the device design, the V HS3 IGBT provides a superior perfor-mance and can be used as a high-efficiency switch. The inverter turns into square-wave power to operate AC devices approximately Watt Inverter Circuit Diagram to complete pcb layout design.

Circuit Diagram Of Inverter Using Igbt

The reference design from Texas Instruments TI uses a single transformer to generate the reference voltages for all 6 IGBTs in a 3-phase bridge connection. The isolation for the outputs is provided by the transformer coupling from input to output. The unit can support up to six IGBT gate drivers for 3-phase operation. The isolation is provided by the transformer, and the output voltages are set through the primary side feedback voltage and the transformer turns ratio. The design can provide reliable bias power for six IGBT drivers in three phase motor drives. Three-phase inverters function as variable—frequency drives to control the speed of motors and high power applications such as HVDC power transmission.






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  1. An insulated-gate bipolar transistor IGBT is a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as an electronic switch which, as it was developed, came to combine high efficiency and fast switching.

  2. This invention relates to insulated gate bipolar transistors IGBTs and, in particular, to an apparatus and method for protecting an IGBT when it is subjected to a short circuit, or like, condition.

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