Group in town barletta

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Free Walking Tour Barletta: Hours, Address, Free Walking Tour Barletta Reviews: 5/5

group in town barletta

If you are coming with a bigger group (15+) please contact us at least 24 . Marco is young knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his home town and its history.

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Mix generously with the taste of fresh, grilled fish and a spectacular panorama of the sea, to be enjoyed in unlimited quantities as needed, for the guaranteed well-being of your soul. And here you have the recipe for Barletta, an enchanting borgo set between the Adriatic sea and the Ofanto river, where the atmosphere of the historical center is still enlivened by ancient traditional customs. You will have the urge to visit everything in one day, but you will soon discover that Barletta is a city to be savored in small doses, or risk becoming drunk on its timeless beauty! The vicinity to both the Adriatic Sea and the Ofanto river, as well as the pleasant conditions of the territory, have made this area a popular place to live since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, Barletta underwent extensive development due to the strategic position of its port, which offered the perfect departure point to easily reach the Holy Land. Thanks to the constant sea traffic of the Crusaders and merchants travelling East, the fame and fortune of this city was guaranteed.

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This little Italian town in the Puglia region of Southern Italy moves at an entirely different pace and you only need to spend a short time in Barletta to adapt to its vibe. The upper level has a great view of the Adriatic. Inside the castle, we went down into the dungeons. You can have meetings or conferences in this room, which frankly sounds super dramatic. Dating back to , this Neoclassical Pugliese building reeks of all things grand and arty. We dipped in for a look around try and catch a show here if you can! Once the residence of noble families in Barletta, this elegant building is now the home of the De Nittis Art Gallery, with works by the famous impressionist painter.

A really interesting tour, thank you. Very knowledgable and passionate about Barletta and the region and learnt lots of things that I would have otherwise missed. Grazie mille! Marco is young knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his home town and its history. Real insights and anecdotes bring the walk to life. Highly recommended.

About 40km north of Bari and a short distance south east from Barletta is Trani. An ancient Greek and Roman settlement of little note, Trani rose to prominence in the 11th Century as a busy port, and was responsible for issuing the 'Ordinamente et Consuetudo Maris', a maritime law code, believed to be one of the first in the world, and certainly in the West; this is celebrated in the name of one of the main waterfront streets of Trani, Via Statuti Marittimi. Of all the towns and cities in this northern part of Puglia, we find Trani to be the most attractive. Quite apart from the spectacular cathedral and castle for which it is rightly famous, the whole place has a wonderful "feel", with majestic buildings of pale yellow limestone, well maintained pavements, elegant tree lined streets, attractive squares, lively character combined with refinement. The local council keeps the place very clean, and apparently free from graffiti. Trani is quite a long trip from our base in Ostuni, about an hour and a half by car, a couple of hours by the cheaper but slower regional trains. It is worth the trouble if you have time and inclination, and the best place to combine with a visit to nearby Castel del Monte, north Puglia's most famous site.

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A key sector in which the Barletta Group has always invested. Italy, tourism, hotels: a long-term guaranteed investment. Home is a primary need for every human being, a need that neither technology nor progress will ever be able to replace.

How To Have A Perfect Day In Barletta, Puglia

The Free Walking Tour of Disfida city is ready to escort you through the old town of one of the most beautiful city in Apulia. About two hours of walk with our young guides, without any obligation. The tour is arranged in three languages: English, Italian and German. A really interesting tour, thank you. Very knowledgable and passionate about Barletta and the region and learnt lots of things that I would have otherwise missed.

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right on the Adriatic Coast, Nicotel Barletta is a minute walk from Barletta town center. Lungomare Regina Elena, Lit. di levante, Barletta, Italy Great Leisure trip; Group of friends; Triple Room; Stayed 1 night; Submitted.
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