My sims nintendo ds download

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my sims nintendo ds download

MySims rom for Nintendo DS (NDS) and play MySims on your devices windows pc, mac,ios and android!.

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MySims Racing is a go-kart-car racing game developed by Electronic Arts as part of the MySims series, a spin-off from its trademark The Sims series of games. Though similar to Mario Kart , the game offers some unique gameplay features, such as a Story Mode similar to the rebooted Need for Speed series , basic car and character customization, and the ability to transfer cars to and from Wii Remotes. The game received positive reviews among critics. GameSpot gave the Wii version 7. It was praised for its fun customization options, the Story mode that mixes up the standard kart-racing formula and its crisp, vibrant visuals both in and out of races; however felt the game's Story mode was too long. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NA : June 12,

Speedville is a run down town that was built by Sir Charles as a haven for all racers. Racers from all around the world used to go to Speedville for races on the "Legendary Tracks". However somewhere down the road Sims became less and less interested in racing and things got slow. Now the town needs a Sim to reinvigorate the love of racing. That's where you come in. You start by arriving as a racer who came to Speedville and after offering to help Sir Charles after his plea for a racer to revive the dying town. Afterwards you winning the race has caused the town to gain a Star Level allowing a new track and a new area of town to be opened up, from there winning races will unlock Blueprints for Vehicle upgrades and raise your Star Level.

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Let's Play MySims! Part 1 - Settling In

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If you want to earn more money, try playing raquet ball, making leighs, or conversing with other people. When it's night time and you see little sparkles on the ground, here's what you do. Stand close to them and tap on them. Or you get flowers, fish, gifts, or trash. To win in the mountains you must make a custom orange shirt with green pants. After you win you will receive a Wrestlers Mask!






MySims Racing (Europe) DS ROM



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  1. Create your own chibi character and help the townspeople by doing some little errands that will eventually make the city prosperous in this life simulation game - My Sims!

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