Death valley in december

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How to Plan a Weekend Getaway to Death Valley

death valley in december

Exploring Death Valley National Park (December, 2017)

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In winter, this hell on Earth miraculously morphs into a desert paradise. Death Valley is officially the toastiest place on the entire planet, thanks to a scorching day back in when temperatures reached degrees, the highest ever recorded anywhere on the globe. And with 21 days over , this past July in Death Valley was the hottest month all-time at a single location. The second hottest month? The previous July in Death Valley.

We have 2 kids, 8 and 4. Here's the tentative plan:. Originally, I had thought about adding another night in Panamint Springs as a base to go to Manzanar, but the resort is already booked well, the new cabin with enough beds for my family. Any ideas I haven't thought of? Death Valley is great in December, but busy during winter break, and it gets dark at 5pm. If you want to do a day trip to Manzanar, I would want at least 3 nights in DV.

Working our way down our road trip list , we decided to camp in Death Valley National Park while it was still spring. We arrived late afternoon and quickly realized how hot it was there! Friends, Death Valley weather is no joke! We went in late April and at sea level, it was around degrees. Click the links below for more photos and info! This post may contain affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on sales of the products that are linked at no additional cost to you.

By Betsy Malloy. Death Valley is the largest national park in the contiguous United States, covering 3. With scant rainfall and conditions that could evaporate one hundred times what it gets, the Death Valley landscape exposes underlying geology that vegetation might cover in other locations. The result is a stark and varied landscape, with colors and textures thrown next to each other: Rounded, fuzzy-textured hills next to sharp-edged peaks with multi-colored layers below. The first Death Valley visitors arrived in Those ill-prepared gold-seekers trying to find a shortcut to the gold mines further north nearly died, giving the valley its name. People who go to Death Valley like its far-away-from-it-all feeling and photographers especially enjoy its natural beauty.

It is the most popular time to visit Death Valley. Besides warm and sunny days, the possibility of spring wildflowers is a big attraction. If the previous winter brought rain, the desert can put on an impressive floral display, usually peaking in late March to early April. Check our website for wildflower updates. Spring break for schools throughout the west brings families and students to the park from the last week of March through the week after Easter.

We are a family of 4 from Australia travelling to the US in December of this year. As part of a month long holiday we are planning on driving from Las Vegas , through Death Valley to Mammoth Lakes over two days and hence an overnight stay somewhere in Death Valley. Hire car will not be 4WD. Can leave LV as early as needed on the first day but would like to be on the mountain at Mammoth by night fall of the seond day. Accom doesn't need to be fancy but expect clean and happy if it is an interesting place to stay - not just touristy.

3 Things to Do in Death Valley National Park in Winter

Death Valley in December

Death Valley Visit: What You Need to Know Before You Go

By Betsy Malloy. Death Valley is one of the starkest landscapes in California, a geological wonderland of exposed rock and scarce vegetation. Travelers and adventurers have been drawn here since , when would-be miners nearly lost their lives seeking a shortcut to the gold fields, giving the valley its name. If you've ever wanted to travel from Los Angeles to Death Valley or from anywhere in the world to this desolate land, we have just the guide for you. You can plan your Death Valley weekend getaway using the resources below. Death Valley is popular with hikers, photographers, stargazers, and those who love the Old West. Death Valley is a great destination for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, San Diego, and other cities.

Death Valley in December - Death Valley National Park Forum

The name might sound ominous, but Death Valley National Park in wintertime is strangely inviting. It might not be the typical winter wonderland, but this desert on the California-Nevada border offers its own kind of magic. Explore Death Valley in winter with these three must-do activities. Normally, the heat hinders hiking in Death Valley. For that reason, many summer visitors see only the beginning of the dunes, comprised of ridges or hills of sand formed by the wind. Before heading out, pick up a free backcountry permit from any visitor center. Death Valley is famous for its vistas, and in spring and fall camera-toting tourists mob the park, eager to take that perfect shot.



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