Doug stanhope word of mouth

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Doug Stanhope: Word of Mouth (2002)

doug stanhope word of mouth

Word of Mouth is Doug Stanhope's first stand-up DVD. It was recorded at the Velveeta Room in Austin, Texas on May 11, , and produced by Sacred Cow .

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Sign in. Michael McKean reflects on his first Emmy nomination for " Better Call Saul " as well as his iconic roles over the years. Watch now. Not all stand-up comedy is spot-cleaned and pre-packaged for the masses. Like the legends who were born out of smokey, booze-soaked nightclubs of decades past, Doug Stanhope spews his own Named after Hitler's first failed coup attempt, Beer Hall Putsch draws you deeper into the acerbic comic's clear-sighted view of the world with his newest one hour stand-up special recorded

Watched Dec 03 , I don't quite know how I had managed to forget about or miss the 'first' Doug Stanhope show. At least I got round to it in the end but at the same time I'm really quite annoyed that I missed out on this masterpiece of stand-up comedy for so long. And it really is an absolutely astonishing performance. As close as Stanhope may or may not be to possibly winding up his stand-up career at this time you read and hear different things about this regularly, he's like the Ronnie O'Sullivan of comedy he has a small but extraordinary back catalogue of shows behind him, and this could be the very best of them, actually.

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A Target -brand antibacterial moist wipe was often included with the DVD. In the Chapter section of the DVD, there are two easter eggs: a martini glass with video of Yellow Rose manager Don King making a toast to Doug and ex-wife Renee in an elevator and a spilled martini glass with additional footage from the strip club. In the Extras section of the DVD, a cross can be found leading you to footage of Doug reading and tearing pages from the Holy Bible while on the toilet.

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To illustrate the point further, Stanhope indicts a young woman in the front row by saying, "Ten years ago, you could've turned this chip on my shoulder into a warm, salty paste, but you chose not to, didn't you? Shot last year at Austin's Velveeta Room, Word of Mouth captures an angry, honest man with twisted, razor-sharp wit, spewing hilariously forbidden vitriol most of us would only dare voice in the comfort of our own homes. Instead of calling for a National Day of Prayer, he advises the president to "Grab a shovel, head down to Ground Zero, and start digging, fuckface, because it looks like your God takes Tuesdays off! Among other things, he memorably recounts getting jacked by a transvestite hooker as well as an intimate evening alone in a motel room with something he affectionately refers to as a "rubber fuck-my-face. Got opinions about bands, clubs, performers, and everything else good in Austin? Let your voice be heard in our annual Best of Austin ballot. Voting is open now!

Doug Stanhope seems to be a comedian whose star is on the rise. Touchy subjects even now. Like Bill Hicks before him he laments the move towards prevalent conservative attitudes in American society, his skit on vice cops and vice laws is worth the purchase price of the disc alone. Stanhope incisively skewers the hypocrisy of modern day living, politics and religion. He controversially correctly?




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