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consorzio bonifica acque risorgive


2017    come eliminare le occhiaie nere

The LIFE VIMINE project, coordinated by the University of Padua, aims to construct numerous smaller micro soil-bioengineering projects to protect saltmarsh edges, using biodegradable materials with low environmental and landscape impact wooden bundles, groynes and wind barriers, small sediment nourishment, transplantation of halophytic vegetation. At the basis of these soil-bioengineering protection projects is the bundle of wooden branches, with a length of about 2 meters, tied with natural fiber ropes. The small spaces left between the bundles and the saltmarsh edges are filled with sediment that is quickly colonized by vegetation, which in turn consolidates them, thus effectively reconstructing new saltmarsh areas. The wood to create bundles was supplied free of charge and obtained from routine forest management activities such as pruning carried out in in the lagoon and its mainland. The waste generated by the management of wooded areas thus became a valuable resource to be transported just a short distance away with the added plus of both reduced costs and reduced CO2 emissions. Jobs for local residents from around the lagoon were also created. The involvement of local communities and stakeholders, due to their bond with the territory and knowledge of its dynamics, could make the project even more sustainable in the long term.

Selmi 3, , Bologna, Italy. Rovereto 12, , Venezia, Italy. One of the main sources of reactive nitrogen pollution is animal manure. The disposal of digestate material remaining after the anaerobic digestion of a biodegradable feedstock in agricultural soils could solve both the problems of soil fertilization and waste removal, but the fate of digestate in the environment must be assessed carefully before its massive utilization. To investigate whether digestate could be safely employed as a soil fertilizer, an agricultural field located in Monastier di Treviso Northern Italy and characterized by the presence of low hydraulic conductivity clay soils, was selected to be amended with bovine digestate. The experimental site was intensively monitored by a three-dimensional array of probes recording soil water content, temperature, and electrical conductivity, to solve the water and bulk mass fluxes in the unsaturated zone.

Erosion from human and natural causes is intensely impacting the whole Venice lagoon. A progressive deterioration of boundaries, elevations, bottoms and vegetated surfaces is impacting all tidal landforms, and the surface of salt marshes has markedly decreased over recent decades. Even the most interior, best-conserved salt marshes are highly affected and these unique ecosystems providing key eco-services are disappearing. The causes of erosion are linked to the current models of development and lifestyles, such as waves caused by motorboats and the altered lagoon hydrodynamics resulting from the excavation of deep channels for large ships. Since it is not feasible to act upon these factors in the short term to stop erosion, effective actions to protect the salt marshes are urgently needed, taking into consideration also that current methods to combat coastal erosion cannot be applied in the interior salt marshes.

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This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Find out more on how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. Comuni vari in provincia di Venezia, Treviso e Padova, meglio specificato in capitolato speciale. Gasolio agricolo su cisterna: litri per il periodo certo di 36 mesi, possibile rinnovo di ulteriori 36 mesi e proroga tecnica di ulteriori 6 mesi non compresi Importo stimato appalto per la durata certa di 36 mesi ,98 EUR. Possibile rinnovo di ulteriori 36 mesi oltre alla proroga tecnica di ulteriori 6 mesi.

Monitoring nutrients fate after digestate spreading in a short rotation buffer area.

The land Reclamation Consortium is a public body, managed by its members, which coordinates public interventions and private activities in the areas of water protection and irrigation. The consortium members are all the owners of properties land and premises , included in the land reclamation district, a part of the territory identifies by the Veneto Region.

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  2. The Marzenego, as Sile, Zero and Dese, is one of spring water river of the drainage basin of the lagoon of Venice where it flows, trought 12 municipality and for 43 kilometers marked by 18 former mills.

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