B z endless summer

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B Z BZ Live Gym Pleasure 2013 Endless Summer XXV Best Taiwan 4 DVD

b z endless summer

B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure ENDLESS SUMMER -XXV BEST- is a home video by B'z, released on January 29, on both DVD & Blu-ray.

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As usual, we have translated them such that you can take a good look at them. I think you should credit easygoz as the info source. This information did not come from nor was it in any way influenced by Easygoz. Before this tour good information was posted -anywhere- else, it was posted on:. Those are all resources we happen to follow, check, and interact with every day. Most of their news updates are regarding official information that reaches everyone at the same time, making them pretty far from the first to report even that. I can categorically state we have very rarely learned of anything there first.

Two version, complete version and standard version, were released. The video sold more than , copies. In the standard version, the movie was filmed at the International Stadium Yokohama Nissan Stadium on September 22, , the final of the tour. In the complete version, besides performance at Nissan Stadium, it also consists of the performance at Aizu, Hukushima on July 31, , the final of the hall tour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Between the shows included in the complete edition, the home video features 36 unique song performances, as well as a feature-length tour documentary documenting the full 25th anniversary. In all, the six-hour runtime of the complete edition makes it the biggest home video package B'z has ever released. The main feature for the video release, included in both the Regular and Complete Editions. The full setlist of the hall finale is shown amongst various segments spliced between songs from throughout the tour, including footage leading up to and from B'z SHOWCASE -Pleasure The band's rehearsals and preparations are also shown in detail, as well as discussions between Tak and Koshi as to which songs to perform.

Bíz LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2013 -ENDLESS SUMMER- Tour Merchandise


The Pleasure tour was the ninth of its kind and commemorated the band's 25th anniversary in the music scene. As is the case with other Pleasure shows, B'z were able to draw from the full breadth of their catalogue to construct the setlist as opposed to the album tours that are structured around the releases in question. The tour was divided into two parts: a hall portion that ran from June 15, to July 31, and a dome leg that lasted from August 24 through September The hall tour featured a total of 19 songs per show with a great many rotations and alterations throughout. Overall, the setlist for these smaller shows was akin to that of a SHOWCASE , giving the band the opportunity to play some of its more obscure songs that are often overshadowed by its many hits. On June 12, three days prior to the tour's start date, the official tour goods were unveiled.


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  1. B'z Live-Gym Pleasure Endless Summer -XXV BEST- is the twenty-fifth live DVD and Blu-ray released by Japanese rock duo B'z, on January 29,

  2. B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure -ENDLESS SUMMER- was a LIVE-GYM by B'z that toured all of Japan from June 15, through anniversary.

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