Our love story korean movie

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our love story korean movie

Our Love Story (2016)

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As they get closer to each other after their incidental encounter, they move onto the next step, but then there is always the reality they must deal with everyday even when they are happy together. As they become confused or frustrated with their relationship, they come to arrive at the universal point any couple would go through at least once. Can they possibly continue their relationship? And can they accept their relationship as something more mundane and enduring than a mere sweet romance? The first half of the movie is mainly told via the viewpoint of Yoon-joo Lee Sang-hee , an art college student preparing for the exhibition project for graduation along with her schoolmates.

Watch Films Spotlight Library Archive. About Talents Affiliates. Subscribe Gift. Our Love Story, Hyun-ju Lee Yoon-joo is a timid art student who has retreated into preparations for her graduate exhibition. Ji-soo is a bartender who radiates confidence.

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Yoon Joo is a graduate student of fine arts and is working on her graduation exhibition. One day, while she is searching for materials for her project, she runs into Ji Soo at a junk shop. Watching Ji Soo in an odd place, Yoon Joo finds herself drawn to her. After their initial encounter, Yoon Joo once again runs into Ji Soo at a convenience store, and the two eventually start dating. Never having enjoyed dating men, Yoon Joo finds Ji Soo fascinating and becomes completely infatuated with her. Add Synopsis In Portuguese.

The history of LGBT cinema in Korea is admittedly thin though recent years have seen an increase in big screen representation with an interest in exploring the reality rather than indulging in stereotypes. A beautiful, bittersweet tale of frustrated connection, Our Love Story is a realistic look at messy first love taking place under the snowy skies of Seoul. Yoon-ju Lee Sang-hee is a busy fine arts graduate student working on her final project. Coming to the rescue, Yoon-ju buys the cigarettes for her with her ID, which leads to the opportunity of sharing one outside. The mysterious woman is named Ji-soo Ryu Sun-young and works part-time at a nearby bar to which she invites Yoon-ju if she happens to fancy a drink of an evening. The first night slips into the first day and before long the pair have established a happy domesticity but their original euphoria is short lived as Ji-soo is due to be moving back to her hometown to live with her recently widowed father for a while.

A fine arts student meets an attractive bartender, and the two women begin an intimate relationship. Lee Ji-seung Lim Chan-sang. This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth. Enclosed in their love for the first time they both have felt. Yoon-Joo while picking up some material for her art project watches Ji-Soo selling some old papers.

More than Mutual Attraction: On "Our Love Story"

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  1. There are several touching moments as they feel happiness together, but there are also some bitter moments as their relationship gradually becomes strained later.

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