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mario 64 lets play

Simulated danger for entertainment purposes (SMM2 Endless #9)

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Thank you so much for supporting me, and every amount is appreciated, no matter how small! Skip navigation. My name is Robert, and I make videos on YouTube! I've been creating gaming content for 6 years now, over this time I've uploaded over videos to my channel , consisting of Let's Plays and the occasional song performance or vlog. Access to the Patreon posts, in which I will post about an upcoming project once I start working on it. I will also post updates on editing occasionally and show possibilites for thumbnails and whatnot.

Play as the brave and heroic plumber, Mario and save the abducted Princess Peach from the hands of the evil Bowser in this arcade platformer game Super Mario 64 Shindou Edition! Super Mario 64 Shindou Edition is an arcade platformer game released for the N64 in the year This game is the Japanese version of Super Mario 64 which uses the Japanese language as the main language.
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We like it too. Why not check out some similar LPs from our recommendations? What would you like to tag this LP as? Tag challenges co-op completionist dual-audio group high-definition humorous informative narrative subtitles voice Tag it! Introduction thank you SeriousSirrus Well, talk about a classic. Super Mario 64 was one of the two launch titles on the N64 the other being Pilotwings 64 , and it went on to be the best selling game on the N64 according to wikipedia and no I'm not checking sources any further than this. It was absolutely revolutionary at the time, being Mario's first appearance in 3D, and one of the earliest 3D platformers that actually controlled incredibly well.

Super Mario 64: Shindou Edition

Top definition. The greatest memories of my childhood. Nintendo 64 unknown.


Two episodes of his Super Mario 64 playthrough were commented on by slowbeef creator of the video Let's Play on Something Awful and Diabetus, who endlessly ridiculed his impossibly British accent. The two videos, "Let's 'ave a carriage ride" and "Bowser's Evil Test" were some of Retsupurae's most popular and infamous videos, accumulating more than , and , views respectively. ElectricalBeast's being featured in two Retsupurae videos have drawn him incredible amounts of attention, getting his total upload views to more than 1 million total. Though his video views are staggering for how few videos he's uploaded more than , his subscriber count as of October 1st peaks just above 5, Though it does not meet the traditional minimum subscriber count for mention on this wiki 10, , he is incredibly notable due to how much of an impact he's had on the Let's Playing community.


Two episodes of his Super Mario 64 playthrough were commented on by slowbeef (creator of the video Let's Play on Something Awful) and Diabetus, who .
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