Prove palio siena 2017

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prove palio siena 2017

Jul 3, The crowds at the start of the Palio di Siena in the Tuscan city of Siena, Italy. . of the Giraffe parish celebrates after winning the July race.

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Here we take a look at a week in the world of Palio. Only a small handful of people were allowed to see the flag in its various stages of development before its presentation in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena, six days before the race. On the evening of 10 August, Sinta joined a panel of the Palio committee to present her drappellone to the press and the people of Siena. The Mayor of Siena, Bruno Valentini, was the first to introduce the drappellone. He commented,. You can read the full text of his speech in Italian here.

I attended the Palio in August
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Local people find original ways to prove themselves. In England, these are typically mild such as chasing a rolling cheese down an uneven hillside. On the Continent, they are more macho. The Spanish have chosen bulls as foils for their virility variously enraging them and running away from them. For the Italians, it is horses. In the hills behind Naples, you can still see a Campanian mountain boy standing up on two unsaddled horses and riding them like a pair of water-skis. He crosses himself before he mounts and when at full gallop blows a kiss to his spectators.

The days before the Palio of 16 August E' un momento molto sentito e delicato, da rispettare e osservare evitando in ogni modo di intralciare il loro passaggio e di usare flash potenti davanti al cavallo, che si potrebbe infastidire. E i contradaioli con lui. Stesso discorso per i bambini sulle spalle, da evitare assolutamente di tenere al momento della corsa. Sono spesso occupati fin dalla sera prima dai vari contradaioli, che ne segnalano l'occupazione con i loro fazzoletti legati intorno. In qualunque punto della nicchia vi troviate, in quel momento fate silenzio ed evitate commenti scocciati per l'eventuale dilungarsi delle operazioni di allineamento.

Il Palio dellAssunta

Prove mattutine regolamentate - 27 giugno 2018 - Quinta parte

Please refresh the page and retry. Held in honour of the Virgin Mary, the race takes place twice a year, on July 2 and August All this means two things for anyone keen to observe the race.




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